DATE:      October 26, 2020

TO:             All Early Childhood Education Starfish Family Services Families

FROM:      Karen Roback, Vice President of Early Childhood and Strategy

RE:              Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Starfish Early Childhood Education Centers Prep For Opening

Here we are in the middle of fall. Crisp mornings, sunny afternoons, and pumpkin everything. I hope you
are finding the time to enjoy the fall. This letter is an update on where Starfish is with planning for a return to
center learning.
There will be a mix of online learning and classroom learning.

You may recall in the Back to School memo, I mentioned we hoped to return to home-based and some center
learning in October with smaller class sizes. The center teams have been working to get centers ready.

What will you see as centers re-open? There will be check-in stations. Check-in stations is where health
screening will occur, and temperatures will be taken. The screening questions and process are found in the
Starfish Safe Start Family Handbook that you received. Starfish will also adhere to social distancing and ask that
families remain 6ft. apart during drop off and pick-up times. Starfish requires that all employees and visitors
wear masks, even when dropping off and picking up children. The Family Handbook has more detailed
information about drop off and pick up processes.

Health and safety measures are in place in the centers too. Centers will re-open at 50% capacity or less.
Children over the age of 2 in centers are also required to wear masks. Center teams will be wearing personal
protective gear (masks, gloves, and clothing), and there will be reminders (posters, floor markers) at each
center. Center teams will be cleaning and sanitizing regularly throughout the day and each center will be
disinfected at night. Sick children will be separated and sent home. Starfish has successfully re-opened four
behavioral health clinics over the last two months. We have learned from their experiences and are using what
we learned to re-open the centers.Strengthening Families to Create Brighter Futures for Children.
Here is our tentative schedule for re-opening the first three centers.

     Date                            Center                                       Number of Classrooms
November 4          Westwood (Michigan Avenue)                            2
November 9          Marygrove                                                                4
November 11         Livonia                                                                      2

The centers will re-open at 50% capacity or less. We will monitor and learn from the center openings before we
open more classrooms or additional centers. Children and families that are not returning to in-person
programming will continue early childhood education in the virtual format option.
Over the next few weeks, the Family Service Guides or the Teaching Teams will contact you with more detailed
information about returning to the center and answer any questions you might have.

These are uncertain times and that means we need to be flexible. Starfish will assess the status of the virus
and make changes, as necessary.

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