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Greetings Starfish Families,

Announcing Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Program at your Child’s Early Childhood Center

Purpose: Our center joined a COVID-19 testing program to help us find COVID-19 infections before a person feels sick. Finding COVID-19 infections early helps us stop the spread to other people. Through this program, we can feel good about making our center as safe as possible.

Testing will help us stop the risk of spreading through our centers by children and employees who may not know they are sick. If we can stop the spread early, fewer children will have to be in quarantine. We will minimize in-person learning interruption. And our community and center will be safer.

Testing for your child and/or yourself is completely voluntary.

How the test works: This program uses a newer, painless mouth swab PCR test. With some help from testing administrators from Total Health Care Services (THC), you and/or your child will provide a quick and easy test in a tube. The THC staff person will collect the test tube and send them to a laboratory for analysis later that day. You will be notified by THC if you or your child tests positive and Starfish will also be in contact with support regarding quarantine procedures.


Testing schedule: Children and caregivers as well as employees will be offered the opportunity to test once a week at their center. Starfish aims to begin this program during morning drop-off on October 19th or October 20th 2021 (depending on the center).

Name                                       Testing Day                              Testing time

Hiveley ECE                           Wednesday                               8:00 am-9:30am

Livonia ECE                           Wednesday                               8-9am

Plymouth/Canton ECE        Wednesday                               8-9am

Thorne ECE                            Wednesday                               8-9am

MAB-ECE                                Wednesday                               8-9am

Cecil ECE                                 Tuesday                                     8-9am

Central ECE                            Tuesday                                     8-9am

Covenant House ECE           Tuesday                                     8-9am

Fort Street ECE                      Tuesday                                     8-9am

Marygrove Early

Education Center                   Tuesday                                     7-9:30am

Costs: This service is provided free of charge to you. Funding is provided through your insurance and/or the CARES Act.


How to participate: You can sign up to be tested on a testing day. Total Health Care employees will be onsite to support you through the registration process.


Next day results: Test results will be returned the next day. Parents/guardians will be able to register with the testing provider, Total Health Care, on the first day of testing.

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