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Meet the PBHTs! 

A PBHT (Preschool Behavioral Health Therapist) is a helper at the center that has training and experience in children's and adult's emotions. They help the teachers and staff at the center wonder about what is going on for the students as well as help the students and parents find ways to help their child be emotionally successful at school. They can also help link families to resources related to emotions and development. Each center has an assigned PBHT to assist staff, children, and families. Scroll down to meet yours! 

Here are some of the ways they support Center Staff

  • Make recommendations for ways to support student's emotions at school

  • Help link students and families to therapy if wanted or needed

  • Can talk with parents about any worries that may be affecting the student

  • Can talk with families about different types of support based on what is going on with the student


Center PBHTs

Hiveley Center: Karen Massingille

Westwood/Hiveley: Alyssa Tillery

Thorne: Stephanie McIsaac








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