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Welcome to the Education Station

Our "Education Station" is a place to support families and children during this time of distance learning. It is maintained by Starfish Family Services Early Childhood Education team and provides age and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for the children we serve. We hope to foster creativity and the love of learning through weekly activities, read-along experiences, and additional shared educational links. 

Exceptional Children and Positive Mental Health

It's our belief that for children to have the best educational start and foundation, it is crucial to use a multidisciplinary approach. This means taking into account all areas of children's development, not just academically. We consider their social emotional development, see if additional supports may be needed, and also ensure the support of our "exceptional children" who may have certified Individualized Education Plan(IEP) or an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). By utilzing all of these different sources of information, or disciplines, we are able to best support children's development and overall success. 

Time to Explore! 

Below you'll find links to a wealth of information, activities, and supports for families to utilize at home. You'll also find a link titled "My Center" which will take your Starfish Family Service's Early Childhood Center. Your center's page will include center-specific information including a Center calendar, classroom information, and teacher read-along stories.

(Coming Soon!)

(Coming Soon!)

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